My First Speed Dating Event (was great fun!)

The first time I went on a speed date event over ten years ago now, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it quite cheap and easy to get to (I was living in London at the time), but my friend and I had a lot of fun meeting quite a variety of different singles. The event we attended was one evening after work – we caught a train and headed on over to Chelsea where this particular speed dating event was being held.

The hosts were excellent and kept everyone entertained with a series of comedy spots and a lot of shifting from table to table around the restaurant/bar to meet the next person. Everyone was handed a ‘score card’ (fr later reference – it’s quite easy to forget who and what you liked about each person you meet at a speed date event) and after each 5 minute chat with a guest we ticked the relevant boxes and moved along one onto the next guy or gal.

One thing I remember it was a lot less daunting that one might expect and there was a lot of laughter and enjoyment all round – and it wasn’t just down to the drinks – it really was simple to get the conversation going as all kinds of ice-breakers had already been dreamed up by the speed date team hosts.

All in all it meant that the next time I went I wasn’t at all nervous and whilst ot was a different speed dating event company it was just if not more enjoyable than the first one I attended as by this time – other activities had been added like the ‘wall of fame’ and various other things designed to get people interacting. In total I think I have attended about five or six speed date events and would recommend them to anyone looking to meet new single friends in a very short space of time.